Benefits Of Chromium

Our bodies contain about 6 grams of chromium. The highest concentrations are found in the hair, spleen, kidney and testes but chromium is also found in the heart, lungs, pancreas and brain. Chromium’s primary role in the body is to activate enzymes involved in the metabolism of glucose and the synthesis of proteins. It’s chief function in the body and it’s therapeutic uses are related to this activity. Insulin resistance becomes more common as we age and this is now recognized as part of the Metabolic Syndrome, which includes many age related disorders including obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and eventually leads to full blown diabetes.

Chromium helps normalize the insulin response and is key in thwarting the development of Metabolic syndrome and it’s dangerous consequences. Chromium supplementation has been found to improve glucose tolerance. In one study, chromium enriched yeast was found to improve blood glucose variables and oxidative stress in people with diabetes! Chromium depletion has also been implicated in high cholesterol levels in the blood because of its role in glucose regulation. Insulin resistance leads to a fat storing mode. The accelerated atherosclerosis seen in diabetics is a result of this as well as increased consumption of refined carbohydrates. Coupled with chromium depletion, this leads to advanced cardiovascular disease and other complications.

Studies also indicate that chromium can be effective in increasing lean body mass and reducing body fat. Food sources of chromium include beer, meat, cheese and whole grain cereals. The milling of grains removes up to 83% of chromium, none of which is replaced. Chromium is available as a single supplement and as a component of some multivitamin mineral complexes. No known toxicity exists. For additional information contact the clinic or email me.

~Dr. Giannotto

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