The Effect of Our Daily Inhalation of Toxins

Did you know that in the United States we are exposed to more chemical toxins than those in other developed countries?

Many toxins are endocrine disrupters affecting hormone systems and metabolic balance. Welcome to the fifth pillar of metabolic wellness: elimination of TOXIC BURDEN, the sum total of all the toxins stored in our bodies. Every day we live in this environment, we are predisposed to toxins which are ingested, inhaled, and absorbed through our skin. We inhale smoke, gasoline, paint, glue, and cleaners. We ingest alcohol excessively. Preservatives and dyes are ingested orally and absorbed through our skin. Pesticides are plentiful in our homes and in our food supply. Petroleum skin care products are everywhere. And we accumulate heavy metals, especially mercury, lead and arsenic, and unknowingly expose ourselves daily to electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, computers and Wi-Fi zones. Some of the more omnipresent toxins and their effects include bis phenol A toxin found in plastic bottles, which binds to estrogen receptors.

Alcohol increases breast cancer risk by 40%; artificial sweeteners lead to neurological dysfunction and ADD; electromagnetic radiation disrupts thyroid function, decreases sperm count in men, causes insomnia, brain dysfunction and even tumors. Finally, heavy metals cause heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia and cognitive decline. To achieve ultimate metabolic balance, we need to detoxify in order to reduce this burden placed on our bodies. An effective way to start is to raise the pH of the body above 7. This alkalinizes the tissues and makes metabolic reactions more efficient. This can be accomplished by limiting meat, fish, dairy, coffee, tea and flour. Avoiding PROLONGED aerobic exercise helps as does increasing vegetable intake and water volume. There are several detoxification protocols available depending upon the specific toxins you are storing.

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