We Need To
Take Responsibility
For Our Health

And That Of Our Children!

This Sunday last, I made a point on my radio show, "Wellness DC", that each of us is responsible for his/her health and we are all responsible for the health of our children. In this regard we need to take a proactive approach to health, fitness and nutrition. No one can do this for you. A thorough evaluation encompassing health, fitness and metabolic status along with genetic testing should be part of everyone's health management program regardless of present state of health. It is in this way we can truly be proactive and stop the age related chronic diseases that plague us.

We offer a variety of evaluations from Hormone status to fitness evaluations to nutrition and genetics. Learn your biologic vs chronologic age. Learn to take charge of your health. Never be the victim of chronic disease again!

And listen this Sunday, August 26 at 10:30am for my live radio show, "WELLNESS DC" on 1580AM. You may even want to call in with your questions...

Remember, BE HEALTHY, LOOK HEALTHY, AND BE INFORMED! You can call the office for more details on the radio show. We would love your input as well!

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