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Hair Loss in Men – DC & Virginia

Progressive thinning 95% of hair loss in men is due to a hereditary condition. Its technical name is Androgenetic Alopecia, or Male-Pattern Baldness (MPB). Contrary to popular belief, the “baldness gene” can be inherited from either side of the family. Forty percent of men will suffer some hair loss by age 35. By the age of 50, about 60% of all men have significant thinning and hair loss. For some men, hair loss even begins in their late teens and early twenties. While sudden hair loss can be triggered by illness or stress, this often reverses itself. While hair loss is more prevalent in men, thinning and loss is common in women as well. The Norwood Scale is provided below. While hair loss varies and everyone’s situation is unique, this scale was developed to make it easy to communicate about the progression of hair loss. Schedule a consultation at the Giannotto Clinic and find out why we are the hair restoration clinic the DC area relies on for natural, age-defying results.

Norwood scale of hairloss

Regain a More Youthful Appearance with the Advanced FUE Neograft Hair Transplant Technologies

Hair loss, for the vast majority of men, is due to a hereditary condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia — commonly referred to as Male-Pattern Baldness (MPB). For these men, balding or thinning hair is inevitable. Others who lose their hair do so because of stress or illness.

Fortunately, men experiencing MPB or other types of hair loss have a permanent, natural, no-incision solution: the FUE Neograft technologies offered by the Giannotto Clinic. If you or your loved one is researching hair replacement options for men, explore the FUE procedures offered by the Giannotto Clinic that all of Neograft Washington DC is talking about.

The No-Incision Hair Implants for Men Washington DC Recognizes for Natural, Permanent Results

The FUE  solutions for thinning or balding areas are newer approaches to hair restoration. Although the FUE Neograft procedure only implants 2,000 grafts at one time — unlike follicle transplantation, which implants 3,000 grafts at one time — the downtime is minimal and recovery is typically only one day.

Dr. Giannotto implements three unique approaches to the FUE procedure: ARTAS, NeoGraft, and SmartGraft. Regardless of which FUE Neograft method chosen, Dr. Giannotto along with the assistance of the robotic device, removes active hair follicles from the sides and rear of the scalp. These areas of the scalp produce hair permanently and are immune to the genetic and hormonal effects that cause thinning and balding on the top. . When moved to thinning or balding areas of the scalp, the permanent follicles continue to produce hair, resulting in a natural — and permanent — solution.

In addition to the reduced downtime and quick recovery, Follicular Unit Extraction is an automated procedure. During the procedure a robotic device removes the follicles from the scalp, leaving only a small puncture. The follicle is implanted into a thinning or balding area using a very fine needle. The puncture area heals quickly and is not visible, even as little as a day after the procedure. Like FUT, FUE is permanent and uses only natural hair.

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At the Giannotto Clinic we understand that making the decision to undergo hair replacement therapy is one not to be taken lightly. There are a variety of approaches and not every procedure is right for every client. That is why we offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations to each and every client who walks through our doors.

Dr. Giannotto has performed tens of thousands of hair transplant procedures and is widely regarded as working at the top of his field. Physicians, celebrities and athletes seek out Dr. Giannotto’s expertise for everything from hair restoration to facial rejuvenation and customized age-fighting protocols. He thrives on making a real difference in the lives of his clients, who depend on his expertise, professionalism and discretion.

Educated at Georgetown University, Dr. Giannotto is a Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board or Orthopaedic Surgery. He is certified by the American College of Emergency Physicians, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation. He is an Advanced Fellow and Board certified in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He holds advanced degrees in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. He is the recipient of many professional awards for excellence in Hair Restoration and a member of several professional associations.

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