Your First Year of Metabolic Wellness

Your First Year of Metabolic Wellness

So you have made the decision to achieve Metabolic Wellness and manage your age! This will have become one of the most important decisions of your life. You will never regret having come to this point.

First Visit

Your initial office visit consists of collecting blood, sputum and urine samples. We will send these to various laboratories to measure hormone levels, lipid levels, age and cancer markers and to map your DNA so that we know your genetic tendencies. The genetic test will also verify which types of food are better suited for your body at the cellular level and which types of exercises will benefit you the most.

At the same office visit, Dr. Giannotto will perform a detailed physical examination and you will also engage in functional/fitness testing. In this group of evaluations, we measure your flexibility, muscle strength, VO2Max or aerobic capacity and your reaction time. Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis is used to measure body composition such as weight, BMI, body fat percent and muscle mass. Bone mass is also measured with the same technique.

You will be sent home with several forms including a complete medical history form, a wellness activity form and a four day food diary. The first two forms in combination with the results of your testing, will allow the computer to calculate your true biologic age (in contradistinction to your chronologic age). A complete nutritional analysis can be performed based upon your food diary. This will give insight to deficiencies you may have in certain macro and micronutrients.

Second Visit

Your second visit will occur three to four weeks later, By this time all of your test results have been calculated and analyzed, your nutritional evaluation tabulated and your biologic age calculated. This visit is a two to three hour one on one session with Dr. Giannotto. You will be given a detailed appraisal of the status of your age, health and metabolic wellness. Suggestions will be made for areas of improvement. You will be taken to our mini gym and taught how to exercise properly, nutritional principles will be reviewed and a “general” program of Metabolic Wellness will be given to you based upon your genetic tendencies and the results of all of your testing. This may or may not include hormone replacement and/or detoxification. You will also be give a “road map” to success, a 400 page manual with all of your results and reading material and references for your program.

You will be given the opportunity to meet with the doctor thirty days later to refresh your understanding of the concepts, review exercise and nutrition and/or for general questions and concerns. Of course, you will be able to contact the doctor 24/7 via email and mobile phone whenever you need to do this for any reason whatsoever.


Follow-up testing is performed at twelve weeks, six months and one year. At these times, doses of medicine may be adjusted, your nutritional plan may be modified and your exercise program may be intensified. The process is ongoing and progressive. You will begin to notice more energy, more sex drive, less anxiety and agitation. Your muscle mass will increase and your body fat will decrease. You will become less prone to hear disease, hypertension, cancer, stroke and dementia. You will live actively and fully engaged no matter what your age!