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The Five Pillars of Metabolic Wellness

The Five Pillars of Metabolic Wellness

Your metabolism is the sum total of all the chemical reactions that occur in your body to make you who you are. These reactions are precise and balanced. Any imbalances in the system will cause you to start to become prone to illness. Metabolic Wellness is a concept that implies an uninterrupted balance between the various systems and chemical reactions that make up your body. It is a state of health in which the progression toward the chronic diseases of aging is minimized. It is vitality, longevity and harmony. It is a state of “nirvana” for the body and the mind. Once this state is reached, the individual will enjoy an active, disease-free life until his or her last day.

In order to achieve proper Metabolic Wellness, it is imperative to balance five areas or “circuits” of your life:


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Hormone Optimization

Most of the chemical reactions that make up your metabolism are affected by key hormone levels. These levels begin to decline in the late thirties or early forties. Chronic inflammation and disease result. Hormones need to be at proper levels and in proper balance.


What we eat affects our genes at a cellular level for better or for worse. The breakdown products of food have positive and negative effects on our cellular chemistry and hence our health.

The Body

through exercise and movement: Exercise is necessary to keep oxidative stress and inflammation at bay and optimize metabolic functions.

The Mind

through decreasing the chronic stress response: Chronic stress is a state of chronic inflammation and leads to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It also "steals" building blocks of sex hormones to produce more stress hormones and exacerbate hormonal imbalance.

Toxic Burden Elimination

Persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead and Arsenic and hormone-treated foods all contribute to a burden in the body which increases risk for insulin resistance, obesity and heart disease.

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