Body (Movement and Oxygen)

The development of chronic disease and the “inevitable” deterioration of the body that we see with age is NOT really “inevitable”. Nutrition and movement, or the lack thereof, are the keys that control the fate of the body’s aging process. Just as we see with proper nutrition, specific kinds of exercise can exert an interaction with your genes at the cellular level and alter the way these genes function. The proper exercise-gene interactions can reduce inflammation and oxidation, strengthen your heart, accelerate fat burning and reverse many of the chronic problems of aging!


The movement that you need to develop and sustain this positive genetic interaction is a very natural movement that has sustained humans for many years. It is not the type of exercise that personal trainers espouse, i.e. working the heart and lungs while burning off calories, but well beyond that. As muscles move, they send out powerful molecular signals that determine whether inflammation and oxidation are fostered or not, whether fat burning is increased or decreased and whether new tissue is created or broken down.

We have alluded to the fact that by controlling hormones, we influence the body and its metabolism. Lifestyle habits, especially movement and exercise determine which hormones and messengers are released and hence exert the ultimate control on which of your genes are activated and which are left quiet. Lifestyle controls metabolic wellness, and movement is an extremely important player in this scheme of things.

Human physiology is designed around movement with several different hormones being released by the TYPE of movement or exercise at any given moment. Exercise is not about burning calories, but is really about genetic signaling via hormones. Caloric expenditure is a by-product of proper movement. For example, short intense interval activity increases the release of adrenaline, cortisol, growth hormone and testosterone. This mix of hormones increases caloric expenditure for hours and even days after he exercise is completed. A typical marathon runner, who goes long distances, does not release this same mix of hormones and is actually more inflamed and burns less fat due to the “hormone milieu” that is created. In fact, these athletes are prone to muscle wasting and metabolic inefficiency.

The exercise program for Metabolic Wellness is based upon movements that create the proper hormonal mix resulting in muscle building, fat burning, anti-inflammatory and brain stimulating effects. Hence the acronym, ‘MFAIB’ to describe this program. This program has very positive effects on body and mind. It will allow you to build muscle, tone, strengthen your heart, normalize your blood chemistries, focus more intensely and achieve metabolic balance.


The program consists of a 60 minute session, of which 20 minutes are devoted to a specific formula of high intensity interval training, and 40 minutes devoted to resistance training modified to enable and encourage muscles to facilitate the release of a proper hormone/messenger mix. The program can be geared to beginning, intermediate and advanced students of exercise. A gradual approach in the beginning will certainly have most clients in the advanced stage within 6 months. But the beneficial effects are seen from the very first day.

Exercise can change the way genes are expressed, so that proper exercise will actually turn genes on and off to regulate cell function. Like the nutrient-gene interaction, this exercise-gene interaction is a major factor in regulating metabolic balance.