Toxic Burden

This is your wake-up call to our toxic world. We in the USA are exposed to more chemical toxins than those in other developed countries. Many of these toxins are endocrine disruptors, affecting our hormone systems and ultimately our metabolic balance. The sum total of all of the toxins stored in our bodies is our toxin burden. We can calculate this by testing for various toxins in blood and sputum. Living in this world, in this environment predisposes each and every one of us to toxins which are ingested, inhaled and absorbed through our skin.

The need to reduce our toxic burden is a necessary step in achieving Metabolic Wellness. Every day we inhale smoke, gasoline, paint, glue and cleaners. We ingest alcohol excessively. Preservatives and dyes are ingested and absorbed through our skin. Pesticides are plentiful in our homes in and in our food. Petroleum skin care products are omnipresent. We accumulate heavy metals, especially mercury, lead and arsenic and unknowingly expose ourselves daily to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, wifi zones and screens.

The effects of some of the more omnipresent toxins are:

Bis-phenol AAll bind to estrogen-1 receptors

Alcohol: Stimulates Estrogen-1 receptors and increases breast cancer 40%
Artificial Sweeteners: Neurologic dysfunction, ADD
Pesticides(lindane, DDT): Bind to Estrogen-1 receptors
Pthalates Dioxin
EM Radiation Thyroid dysfunction, decreased sperm count, sleep disturbance, brain dysfunction and tumors.
Heavy Metals: Osteoporosis, dementia, cardiac disease, cognitive decline


There is a need to detoxify liver, kidney and skin with micronutrients including B vitamins, methyl groups and sulfur groups. Nutrition is intimately connected with detoxification and ultimately Metabolic Wellness. In order to achieve the latter, we need to address and reduce our toxic burden!The need for detoxification is immediate. We need to reduce our toxic burden by eliminating or decreasing our exposure to toxins. Detoxification is optimized by increasing the body’s pH to above 7. This means alkalinizing the tissues and making metabolic reactions more efficient. One can increase one’s body pH by limiting meat, fish, dairy, coffee, tea and flour; avoiding prolonged aerobic exercise; breathing exercises; increase vegetable intake and increase water volume.