Metabolic Wellness Protocols

Metabolic Wellness Protocols in DC & Virginia

The Giannotto Wellness Medicine Clinic

Located in nearby suburban Washington DC, the Giannotto Clinic is the premier provider of wellness medicine in McLean, VA. Schedule a consultation to evaluate your metabolic wellness and find out how the Giannotto Clinic’s exclusive protocol can leave you feeling and looking better than you have in years.

Looking Good on the Outside. Feeling Energetic on the Inside

At the Giannotto Clinic, we specialize in developing a unique treatment plan for each and every one of our metabolic wellness clients. The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your lifestyle, current health and future wellness goals. Dr. Giannotto will examine blood and hormone test results — including a variety of age markers — to determine your most pressing health needs. He will also complete genetic testing and mapping for disease likelihood and examine your lifestyle for controllable factors such as exercise, stress, family history, nutrition and sleeping habits.

The Five-Step Approach to Metabolic Wellness

The Giannotto Clinic does more than write down answers to garden variety health questions. Dr. Giannotto will perform a thorough metabolic wellness evaluation that will incorporate testing for maximum lung capacity during exercise, testing chronological age versus biological age, evaluating muscular strength and flexibility, and analyzing current and future nutritional needs.

The comprehensive evaluation will include:

1) Extensive Blood Studies including CBC, Metabolic Panel, Hormone Panel, Inflammatory and Age markers, Thyroid studies, Advanced Lipid Panel, PSA(men)

2) Complete Genetic Testing/Mapping for diseases, metabolism and genes involved with exercise

3) Complete Lifestyle Evaluation including stressors, sleep, family history, dietary history with Nutritional evaluation, Past medical History and exercise history

4) Complete Physical Examination

5) Biologic vs Chronologic Age Determination

6) Cognitive testing for Dementia and Alzheimer’s predisposition

7) Complete Fitness Evaluation including:

Muscle Strength and Resistance testing

Flexibility Testing

V02Max Aerobic Capacity Testing

Lung Function Studies


Fitness Evaluation:

1) Complete Physical Examination

2) Complete Fitness Evaluation as defined in (7) in Comprehensive Evaluation


Life Style Evaluation:

1) Complete Physical Examination

2) Lifestyle Evaluation as defined in (3) in Comprehensive Evaluation including a complete nutritional evaluation

3) Biologic vs Chronologie Age Determination


Bio-Identical HRT Evaluation:

1) Blood Studies as defined in (1) of Comprehensive Evaluation

2) Lifestyle Evaluation

An Unparalleled Reputation in the Field on Age Management

Dr. Giannotto and the team of professionals at the Giannotto Clinic believe the field of metabolic wellness is among the most exciting, progressive forms of preventative medicine. By implementing a regimen that incorporates nutrition and exercise with hormone therapy, Dr. Giannotto can actually reverse the physical symptoms of aging. When combined with an appearance-based procedure such as hair restoration or facial rejuvenation, our clients can look and feel more youthful, energetic and vibrant.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Giannotto and find out how the Giannotto Clinic can help you achieve optimal metabolic wellness.