Return Policy

Not perfect? Return it.

We strive for perfection and we think our standards are pretty high, but it’s your opinion that counts. If an order’s not up to your high standards, we’ll give you a full refund. Your products will arrive in perfect condition or we will replace them- period!

What can I return?

You received the wrong item or the wrong quantity
You received an expired or short-dated product
You received a defective item

When will I get my refund?

You’ll obtain your refund 4-7 days after we receive and process the return.

Here’s how:

Request a return by email,, or by phone, 1-800-525-4247. We will give you easy-to-follow instructions. Properly pack the item(s) and ship back to: Giannotto Clinic 8201 Greensboro Dr., Suite 609 McLean, VA. 22102. Please include a copy of your invoice and a note stating the reason for the return. Please note you are responsible for the cost of the return, and we must physically receive the return within the 30-day period. You may also physically bring it to our office at:

Giannotto Clinic
8201 Greensboro Dr.
Suite 609
McLean, VA. 22102

Our guarantee and our no-hassle policies:

  • 30-day return policy from received date on unopened items
  • No restocking fee
  • All refunds issued back to original payment method
  • Items must be returned in same (or similar) condition in which they were received.