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Dermal Filler Treatments

Non-Surgical Liquid Facelifts at the Giannotto Clinic

For many men and women, nothing is more frustrating than feeling youthful but looking older. The good news is that dermal fillers make non-surgical facelifts not just possible, but also effective. Schedule a consultation for a non-surgical facelift at the Washington DC age management clinic thousands of clients trust for a natural, more youthful appearance.

Is It Time for a Surgical Solution?

Many clients come to the Giannotto Clinic wondering if it is time for a surgical solution to common symptoms of aging such as lines, wrinkles and folds. For the most natural-looking results, many clients are pleased to find out that a non-surgical procedure can provide an incredible solution without the risks and downtime associated with surgery.

Quite simply, Dr. Giannotto believes there is a time to FILL and a time to pull. Doctors all follow the four “R’s” of facial line eradication and facial contouring:

REFILL lost volume with fillers

RESURFACE rough areas with microdermabrasion, peels, laser

RELAX with neurotoxins

RE-DRAPE and contour to smooth out face with fillers/surgery

The aging face shows a thinning dermis and more visibility of tiny blood vessels, greater bony landmarks, hollowing of the cheeks and mouth, descending fat pads and deepening of the naso-labial folds, thinning of the lips with drooping of the corners of the mouth and drooping of the nasal tip. Instead of just erasing aging lines, injections with Dermal Fillers give a FULLER and more youthful looking face. They also improve the angles of the face and the thinning appearance that comes with age.

Filling agents are classified as permanent or non-permanent (temporary). The most commonly used are the non-permanent which are degradable and dissipate over time. Repeat treatments are therefore required and this allows the patient to decide what he/she likes or dislikes over time.


Bovine Collagen-  Zyplast and Zyderm

Human Collagen-  Cosmoplast and Cosmoderm

Hyaluronic Acid-  Perlane, Juvederm, Restalyne, Belotero

Calcium Hydroxyapetite-  Radiesse

Polylactic Acid-  Sculptra

Side effects include allergic reactions to product ingredients and injection related reactions such as needle marks, bruising and swelling. These dissipate over several days. Injection site reactions are minimized with the experience of the injector. At the non-surgical skin care clinic Washington DC trusts, Dr. Giannotto himself will perform ALL injections.

Permanent Fillers remain in the tissue indefinitely and their appearance can become distorted due to age related changes. Long term side effects include granulomas, asymmetry, lumpiness and migration. FOREVER IS A LONG TIME…..

Permanent fillers include Artefill, Silicone, Evolution and Biopolymers. They have been used successfully to treat facial scars.

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At the Giannotto Clinic, we provide customized solutions for each facial rejuvenation client we meet. Schedule a consultation and find out how Dr. Giannotto can provide you with an instantly more youthful-looking appearance with little to no downtime.


Radiesse Before & After


Radiesse Before & After


Radiesse Before & After