Why We Age

Let’s continue our discussion of why we age. An additional pathway involves GLYCATION. This is a process in which protein in the body reacts and cross links with sugars rendering the proteins ineffective and unable to perform optimally. Metabolic reactions saw down and cellular damage and death follows. This is usually caused by elevated and poorly controlled blood sugar levels and results in a 50 FOLD INCREASE in free radical production! Diseases associated with glycation include atherosclerosis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of skin elasticity and the premature aging of diabetes. Management involves choosing low glycemic carbohydrates while avoiding refined carbs,sweets and fast foods. Try and lose excess body fat and always manage blood sugar and diabetes.

A fourth pathway of aging involves NEUROENDOCRINE DECLINE. We age because our hormones decline causing imbalances. Optimal levels of hormones occur in our 20s and 30s and during this time span fewer diseases occur other than any time in our life. Your biological age is intimately tied to the health of your endocrine system. We need to control production of inflammatory hormones and improve natural production of anti-inflammatory hormones. It has been stated in the medical literature that to control your hormones is to control your life.

Finally DNA DAMAGE AND MUTATION accelerates the aging process. This can be cause internally by reactive oxygen species produced from normal metabolic by products. Externally, DNA damage can be produced from UV rays from the sun, thermal disruption, plant toxins, chemicals, chemotherapy and viruses. We needs to minimize oxidative stress , glycation, silent inflammation and unhealthy stressors. We need to practice a bit of caloric restriction with optimal nutrition. Lifestyle choices DO matter when it comes to aging. For additional information and suggestions email me at the clinic. We also have the ability to measure chronological vs biological age! A simple appointment will suffice….

~Dr. Giannotto

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