Start 2018 with a gift to yourself- MORE NATURAL BEAUTIFUL HAIR! And accomplish this with the LOWEST PRICE on robotic surgery ever offered by the Giannotto Clinic.  Yes, Hair Restoration surgery is always perfect with ARTAS, THE TOTAL ROBOTIC SOLUTION.


ARTAS analyzes your donor area with an amazing two hundred photos per second and harvests the best grafts for the restoration procedure, eliminating human fatigue and error. The result is a perfect naturally beautiful hair restoration procedure.


Until now, this technologically advanced method of restoring hair was very expensive. But if you are a candidate for ARTAS and truly wish to benefit from this marvelous procedure, you can save up to $3500.00 on a procedure of 2000 grafts. Of course, every patient is different and requires a unique restoration. And one will be designed for you at your consultation with Dr. Giannotto that will reflect the savings we are offering.


We will also allow you tremendous savings on all other forms of surgery including FUE and FUT.


So, act now! This offer is valid for surgery through January 31, 2018 only. More hair with ARTAS at a lower price than usual: EXTRAORDINARY!