artas_logoThe ARTAS ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT SYSTEM combines advanced digital imaging that analyzes and tracks each hair along with speed and accuracy beyond manual techniques. ARTAS relies on intelligent algorithms that identify and select your optimal hairs for harvesting. This physician assisted robotic technology delivers robust grafts and the minimally invasive harvesting procedure preserves the natural look of your donor area.

ARTAS was designed with the patient in mind

It was designed to reduce postoperative pain, scarring and downtime after surgery. Advanced digital imaging scans, tracks and grades each hair. The robot removes the BEST hairs for transplant. And what’s more, each hair is removed individually and optimal spacing is maintained between each hair, preserving the natural look of the donor area.

The new ARTAS SUITE will analyze your photographs and determine the number of grafts that you may need. It generates a photographic model of the end result prior to the procedure so that the patient has an idea of realistic expectations.

Recently, new hardware/software added to the system allows the ARTAS robot to create the incisions in the recipient site accurately and artistically by analyzing photos and scalp measurements of the patient. This total robotic system allows the physician to make minute changes to the robot via computer to ensure accuracy with artistry.