Our clients have kept us in business for nearly twenty -five years now. As it is the season to give thanks, we feel it appropriate to offer a gift to our established clients in thanks for many years of business support.

If you are considering a fill in session or just want thicker hair on your scalp consider this one-time offer. For every 1000 grafts purchased, the Giannotto Clinic will give you an additional 250 grafts at no charge. That’s 1250 grafts for the price of 1000 grafts. Or better yet, 2500 grafts for the price of 2000 grafts! The procedure choice is yours: either FUT or automated FUE. The offer applies to existing clients. Think of it! You can now try the new automated follicular unit extraction method of transplantation to fill in newer areas of thinning or just simply to add more hair at a price that is lower than ever!

So what are you waiting for? FUE is a no-incisional method with a quick recovery time. And now it is affordable. Time is limited. This offer will not last and will not be repeated. Call or email Mark Cosgrove at mcosgrove@giannottoclinic.com and make your appointment for a consultation or a procedure. All procedures must be completed by December 15, 2013.

And for those of you who are new to our family and have never had a procedure before, we will not leave you out. There are special offers waiting just for you. Call or email Mark for details. And remember, Wellness DC, every Saturday morning at 8AM on Federal News Radio, 1500 AM or go to federalnewsradio.com and click on Wellness DC to listen. The show brings you a new aspect of Wellness medicine each week. Improve your lifestyle, one week at a time!

Please don’t forget, every Saturday morning at 8AM, Dr Giannotto offers up some of the best advice on health care on the east coast!
That’s WELLNESS DC, Saturday mornings, 8AM on Federal News Radio, 1500 on your AM dial or at www.federalnewsradio.com. Look forward to having you there!

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*Some restrictions apply. Not good with any other offer.

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