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The Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Although women are less likely than men to experience hair loss, those who do have several permanent hair replacement options to consider. The Giannotto Clinic is pleased to offer many hair replacement options for women in the privacy of our Washington DC-area office. Discover how Dr. Giannotto and his staff of expert professionals can help you or your loved one restore a youthful appearance with the hair implants for women that Washington DC recognizes for natural, permanent results.

Ludwig scale of hairlossUnlike men, who always retain hair growth on the sides and rear of the head, women often lose hair volume all over the scalp. And while men typically lose hair because of Male-Pattern Baldness, recent studies indicate that women usually lose hair because of hormone deficiencies. Although the evidence is still unclear, when women produce less estrogen, the overall hormonal balance suffers. When this occurs, hair loss sometimes results.

Although the causes of hair loss differ between men and women, the treatment options are generally the same. Each option removes hair follicles from the sides and rear of the scalp, which are then implanted into the thinned or bald areas. In this way, the client benefits from the production of natural hair.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting

This procedure provides more hair in a single session than any other hair restoration technique!

The goal of the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting is to provide you with the most natural appearance, the greatest density and coverage with the comfort and affordability of a permanent solution to your hair loss. The Giannotto Clinic’s carefully planned clinical procedure is designed to minimize progressive and long-term hair loss. It works by removing healthy hair wherever it exists and transplanting it to bald areas.

Where the Giannotto Clinic differs from most hair clinics is in dividing the donor area into naturally occurring hair groupings, and then strategically locating these to the less dense areas of the head. Since the donor hair, which by now has not fallen out, is genetically programmed to resist the effects of DHT, these follicles bring possess a strong resistance to hair loss.

The Multi-Unit Hair Grafting Washington DC Is Talking About

Dr. Giannotto enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide as one of the premier hair replacement surgeons working in the field today. Georgetown University-educated and the recipient of many professional awards for excellence in hair restoration, Dr. Giannotto excels at providing each and every client with personal attention and a customized plan for treatment success. Physicians, athletes and celebrities count on the Giannotto Clinic for expert professionalism and discretion.

From hair restoration to metabolic wellness and beyond, the Giannotto Clinic provides a variety of potent anti-aging protocols. Contact Dr. Giannotto for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today and find out how he can help you restore your youthful appearance, beginning tomorrow.