Automated FUE and Robotic Surgery

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

TRADITIONAL Hair Restoration Surgery requires using a follicular unit “strip” method in which a strip of donor area is excised. The length and width of the strip depends upon your density and the number of grafts needed for the procedure. The area is sutured together after removal of the strip. This may result in a linear scar that can spread, depending upon type of closure used and the patient’s physiology.

AUTOMATED FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION solves the problem of the linear donor scar by allowing the physician to remove each follicular unit individually. Healing in the donor area is rapid and there is no linear scar. Each of the sites from which a follicular unit was removed heals imperceptibly and within several days, the patient’s donor area appears normal. We do NOT support MANUAL FUE as this results in donor area scarring and grafts that are sub-optimal.

Automated and Robotic FUE is a very precise and artistic procedure that results in optimal graft selection and growth. The recovery time is minimal and as mentioned there is no donor or recipient area scarring. There are three automated/robotic systems that achieve this and we offer all three at the Giannotto Clinic. The choice of procedure depends upon the quality of your donor hair and scalp, the number of grafts required and the anticipated density of the result.

All of the three automated/robotic procedures are performed in-office. There is minimal discomfort, no scarring, quick recovery and less restriction on your activities of daily living when compared with conventional hair restoration procedures. All of the procedures select the best hair/grafts and are used in both men and women.