The Importance of Metabolic Wellness in your Life

Metabolism is the combined effects of all of the chemical reactions that occur within the body on a day to day basis. Optimal health requires a balanced metabolism. Metabolic reactions are regulated by your body’s hormones. Hormones are regulated by lifestyle habits including nutrition, sleep, stress levels, toxic burden or load in the body and whether or not you exercise regularly. Provided all of the hormone systems of the body are intact and balanced, nutrition and other lifestyle habits whether good or bad, regulate your metabolism. Metabolic health awareness is the forefront of successful age management. It should be noted that when a hormone system is compromised even the best nutrition and lifestyle habits cannot keep the body metabolically balanced. Add chronic stress to the equation and you end up with a metabolic mess!

All of the hormone systems in the body, including your stress hormones, are interdependent and the compromise of any one hormone system affects the functioning of the others. Metabolic wellness therefore involves the treatment of hormone imbalances. This does not necessarily mean that you will require hormone replacement therapy. In many cases addition of important nutrients and supplements will achieve the required balance.

So in addressing metabolic wellness and longevity we start with a very detailed evaluation which takes into consideration your hormone levels, nutritional status, exercise habits, your stress levels and the toxins you carry within your body (toxic burden). Once this information is obtained we can begin to rebuild your metabolism so that you can decrease your chances of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. You will actually live longer and be more active throughout your life span.

So what are you waiting for? Even if you live a distance from the clinic, most of the evaluation can be performed in one office visit. Follow up is via internet, email or in person if you wish.

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