Hair restoration surgery has changed over the years and the improvements have given the physician the ability to permanently restore hair loss more and more naturally. ARTAS is one such change. ARTAS appeared in the hair restoration world five years ago and presently is, in my opinion, the ultimate procedure for hair restoration. This robot analyzes the scalp and knows where the best follicles are located for harvest. It constantly scans the donor area of the scalp and harvests a perfect graft each and every time. ARTAS knows where to harvest and never over-harvests in any particular area. The graft transaction rate remains lower than any other procedure out there. ARTAS can also be programmed to make the insertion points in the recipient area. ARTAS is both precise and artistic, two attributes essential for a perfect hair restoration procedure. The Giannotto Clinic is the only clinic in the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer this robotic solution to hair loss. Call us and set up a consultation to see if this is the solution for you. Robots do not fatigue, so every graft harvested whether its the first or the thousandth is perfect and will grow beautifully. There are never guarantees in hair restoration surgery but this is as close as it comes. Call us at 703-556-4247,or submit a consultation at

Take note of the typical results of an ARTAS procedure in the before and after photos below!

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  1. Hi Doc. I hope you are well. You used the traditional strip method to perform a hair transplant procedure on me, back in December of 2008. It still looks great! I can only imagine what this new ARTAS procedure would have done for me!



  2. Hi how much is the price per graft on the artas procedure?

    1. Alex: It really depends upon the number of grafts that you need. The price can be anywhere from $4.00 to $5.50 per graft. It is a bit more expensive than traditional transplant, but every graft is perfect and results are wonderful.

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