The Metabolic Wellness Program (MWP) at the Giannotto Clinic seeks to identify the risk factors associated with the ageing process and mitigate them through life style changes including nutrition, exercise, stress relief and hormone optimization. As the individual ages, important hormone levels such a testosterone and growth hormone in men, and estrogen, progesterone and growth hormone in women, decrease. The decreased levels of these hormones, along with increase stress levels, poor nutrition and a sedentary life style act as catalysts for various chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, Type2 Diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Analysis of the individual’s metabolic profile with blood and sputum testing, functional cardiac and pulmonary tests, adrenal stress profiles and nutritional analysis can be of great benefit in stopping the progression of and even reversing these chronic ailments associated with the ageing process. In effect, this will prolong life and allow the individual to enjoy every moment of life actively and free of disease.

Dr. Giannotto collects all of the data and meets with the individual for a physical examination, after which he designs a program specific to the patient’s needs encompassing nutritional guidance, exercise and stress relief. Medications including hormones may be prescribed if necessary. The patient then incorporates the principles of MWP into his/her lifestyle immediately. Beneficial change is noted within two to three weeks and the patient’s risk of chronic disease lessens with each day on the program.

There are four meetings with Dr. Giannotto during the first year occurring at three month intervals during which time progress is assessed and if necessary additional testing performed depending upon each patient’s circumstances. The program is a unique experience for each individual as it is designed specifically for the patient at hand.

A second evaluation is performed on the one year anniversary of the patient’s admission to the program. A second thorough conference with Dr. Giannotto is scheduled to discuss the changes that have taken place and to make modifications to the program if necessary.

Dr. Giannotto will be available to each patient in MWP 24/7 for any questions, concerns or information that the patient may need. All patients in the program will receive bi-weekly email suggestions on life-style, stress relief and nutrition.

This is a proactive, preventative approach to age management and produces outstanding results in a short period of time. Adherence to the principles of this life style medical program will produce profoundly positive metabolic changes that will result in freedom from chronic disease and the joy of an active lifestyle for the remainder of one’s life. Why wait for the disease process to strike? Be proactive. Be preventative. Live longer, live free from disease. Be active. Be healthy

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