Reversing Obesity & Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes and/or pre-diabetes affects every other American and one in four kids! Type 2 diabetes in America has tripled since the 1980s and researchers estimate that by mid-century one in three Americans will have the disease. Furthermore, one in three Americans are obese and one in three medicare dollars are spent on diabetes making it the biggest driver of our Federal debt! Dr. Hyman uses the term “diabesity” to describe a continuum of health problems ranging from mild insulin resistance and overweight to obesity and diabetes. And diabesity is the underlying cause of most heart disease, cancer and premature death in the world!

These conditions ARE ALSO 100 PERCENT PREVENTABLE AND REVERSIBLE! Most of you believe that diabetes is not reversible and that obesity is difficult if not impossible to treat. This is very unfortunate considering the numerous complications of kidney failure, amputation, stroke and dementia. Yet scientific studies show without a doubt that diabetes and obesity are preventable and reversible with aggressive nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Americans eat an average of 152 pounds of sugar and 146 pounds of flour yearly. This is a toxic drug dose of diabetes causing food. Diabetes and obesity can be reversed without drugs and/or surgery by following a few successful lifestyle modifications.

The most dramatic thing you can do is to eliminate or reduce sugar in ALL ITS MANY DISGUISES! Sugar feels insulin resistance which leads to inflammation, hypertension, depression, poor sex drive and some cancers. In lieu of refined carbs, stock up on whole unprocessed foods. These will balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and reverse insulin resistance. Choose colorful fruits and vegetables, plenty of Omega-3 fats, coconut butter, olive oil, legumes, nuts and seeds. Remember, foods turn on gene messaging for better or for worse, and these whole unprocessed foods turn on all the right messages! They promote metabolic health and prevent aging and age related disease!

A third principle to enact is to get the correct nutrients. Supplements can make your cells more sensitive to insulin, balance your blood sugar and reverse diabetes. Dr. Hyman recommends the following, and I agree wholeheartedly: (1) a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral complex, (2) two grams daily of omega-3 fatty acids, (3) 2000 units Vitamin D daily, (4) 300 mg Alpha-lipoic acid twice daily, (5) 200-600 mug chromium polynicotinate daily, (6) 5 grams of fiber before each meal.

The forth principle is to get enough exercise. Use a combination of high intensity interval training for cardio and some resistance work with weights. If you are new to exercise start with a brisk 15-30 minute walk until you build up your stamina. Another principle is to get sufficient sleep. Lack of sleep or poor sleep damages your metabolism and spikes sugar and carb cravings, thus increasing your risk for numerous diseases including type 2 diabetes. Finally, you must control stress levels. In chronic stress our levels of insulin, cortisol and inflammatory cytokines all increase leading to metabolic dysfunction, weight gain, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Interestingly, the METABOLIC WELLNESS protocols at the Giannotto Clinic address all of these areas creating a fine tuned disease free body with less stress, maximum vitality and optimal health! Thanks for reading.

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