Risks Of Obesity

Obesity will increase your risk of diabetes by 18 to 20 fold, more if you are severely obese. You will be prone to increases in all cancer risk including breast, colon and prostate. Excess body fat contributes to 14% of all cancer deaths in males and 20% in women. 90,000 cancer deaths could be prevented annually by controlling weight! Obesity increases heart disease risk twofold! Diabetes, high blood pressure, oxidized LDL cholesterol and silent inflammation are all increased. Finally obesity increases periodontal disease risk.

Overweight people with the highest levels of insulin resistance were 50% more likely to have severe gum disease. Remember, body fat is more than just lard, insulation or padding and what’s more, not all fat is equal. Some may be worse for your risk of diseases. Body fat is actually an endocrine organ the secretes dozens of peptides and hormones that regulate how your body works, your appetite and your cell function. Obesity rarely results from a single factor. Contributing factors include over consumption, a diet of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats, reduced energy expenditure, family behavioral influences, lack of sleep, stress, silent inflammation, heavy metal poisoning and genetic factors.

As a nation we are over fed and undernourished. We prefer calorie rich, nutrient poor foods. 33% prefer junk foods including sweets and desserts, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, salty snacks and fruit flavored drinks. Less than 9% of the population eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. We now consume 500 calories a day more than we did in 1970. Fewer than 20% of Americans get adequate exercise. The average American watches television ten times longer than they exercise. Americans are stressed. 75% of the general population experiences stress every two weeks and stress can make us fat. We don’t get enough sleep and sleeping less than six hours a night predisposes to obesity by 25-50% more.

As you can see the obesity problem is multi factorial and the solution is complex. Take a good look at your lifestyle habits and try to work on one at a time so that the risks mentioned are minimized. To begin to conquer obesity you need a holistic approach and realistic goals.

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